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Cause analysis and solution of noise in commercial refrigerator

The "hiss" or "guru" or "guru" water running sound of commercial refrigerators is normal. These sounds are the normal sound of refrigerant circulating in the refrigeration pipeline of the refrigerator, which will not affect the refrigeration effect.

It is normal for commercial refrigerators to hear a "click" sound when they start or stop. This is the sound of the contacts of heavy hammer relay, thermal protector or defroster timer opening or closing, sometimes accompanied by vibration sound.

The sound of the newly bought commercial refrigerator is acceptable, but after a long time, the sound of the commercial refrigerator becomes louder and louder, which will become noise. How to deal with the noise of commercial refrigerators?

First of all, we need to find out why the sound of commercial refrigerators is getting louder and louder, or what causes the noise of commercial refrigerators. Generally, this situation is most likely to occur when the commercial refrigerator is initially started. When the compressor is initially started, the working load is the largest and the noise is the largest.


Reason: there are articles on the top of the commercial refrigerator. The refrigerator and the items placed on its top will generate resonance when the motor starts, thus making noise.

Solution: remove the items on the top of the freezer to avoid resonance and eliminate the noise naturally.


Cause: a small object fell into the machine part at the back of the freezer. Small things, such as bottle caps, lighters, gadgets, etc., fall into the machine part at the back of the refrigerator (at the bottom of the refrigerator), which will also generate noise.

Solution: cut off the power supply of the refrigerator and take out the small objects falling into the interior of the machine. The noise will disappear.


Cause: the uneven or unstable ground where the refrigerator is placed is the common cause of noise produced by the refrigerator.

Solution: turn the adjusting screw at the bottom of the electric refrigerator to adjust the height. When the adjusting screw contacts the ground and the four feet touch the ground, it will be in a state.




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