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Maintenance strategy of disinfection cabinet of commercial kitchen equipment

In the past, people's concept of sanitation only requires cleaning. Since entering the 21st century, people pay more and more attention to the safety of tableware. Therefore, the disinfection cabinet of commercial kitchen equipment has flourished. So, do you know how to use and maintain the sterilizer correctly? Don't let the sterilizer become a "poison making cabinet". The following is a daily cleaning, maintenance and use strategy of commercial kitchen equipment disinfection cabinet summarized by Xiaobian for you, looking forward to helping you.

Three elements of correct use of disinfection cabinet:

1. The used tableware must be cleaned first, and put into the disinfection cabinet only after the water is wiped dry. The tableware that can't bear the high temperature must be put into the low temperature layer, others can be put into the high temperature layer, and can be sterilized after the cabinet door is closed;

2. In the process of disinfection, do not open the cabinet door to avoid high temperature burns;

3. After using for a period of time, clean the inner and outer surfaces of the cabinet regularly to keep the disinfection cabinet clean and sanitary.

Four steps of disinfection cabinet maintenance:

Step 1: empty the inner cavity

Before cleaning, we should first unplug the power plug of the disinfection cabinet to ensure that the machine has stopped working and wait for the machine to be in a cooling state. Then empty the cabinet and take out all the tableware and cupboards.

Step 2: clean the inner cavity

When cleaning, we can use wet cloth to wipe off the stains such as color lines in the inner cavity of the cabinet, and then use the wring wet cloth to wipe the surrounding area. If there are stubborn stains, wipe them with neutral detergent, then wipe them with clean and wet cloth, and finally dry the water with dry cloth.  Pay attention to wipe the inner cavity first and then the surrounding area, and be careful when wiping, do not hit the heating tube or ozone generator~

Step 3: clean the cupboard

For stainless steel cupboard of disinfection cabinet, soak it in warm water mixed with neutral detergent, then wash it with clear water and dry it.

Step 4: clean the outside

After the internal cleaning, the next step is to clean the outside of the disinfection cabinet. First, check the cleanness and sealing degree of the sealing strip of the cabinet door. If the disinfection cabinet has been used for a long time, there may be some dust impurities in the rubber door seam. You can use chopsticks to bind the soft cloth from top to bottom to remove the impurities. The surface of the cabinet is still as clean as the interior, first wipe off the dirt with a wet soft cloth stained with neutral detergent, and then wipe off the residual detergent with a dry cloth.




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